[Can pharyngitis eat dragon fruit]_Pitaya_Sore throat_Can you eat

Apr 27, 2020 夜生活

[Can pharyngitis eat dragon fruit]_Pitaya_Sore throat_Can you eat

[Can pharyngitis eat dragon fruit]_Pitaya_Sore throat_Can you eat

Respiratory diseases plague many people, and if we want to solve them effectively, then we also need to pay attention to know the correct way to improve, eat more food with heat and fire, dragon fruit has the effect of reducing fire, so for patients with pharyngitis, it isYou can eat dragon fruit.

1. Dragon fruit is for fire.

Dragon fruit has the detoxifying and stomach-protecting effects. It belongs to the tropics. Subtropical fruit, pitaya, also known as fairy honey, jade dragon fruit, etc., is a cactaceae genus Lepidoptera and Snakes, and is native to tropical Central American America such as Brazil and Mexico.area.
In Asia, it is mainly distributed in Taiwan and Vietnam, Thailand and other regions.

It can be divided into three varieties according to the color: red skin white meat, red skin red meat, yellow skin white meat.

2, with vitamin hits: B1, B2, B3, C rich minerals: calcium, phosphorus, iron, potassium, sodium, magnesium, zinc and other nutrients: carotene, carbohydrates, roughage, fructose, glucose, alternative fiber,Plant albumin, anthocyanins (red meat has the most abundant varieties), etc.

3, regular consumption of dragon fruit, can lower blood pressure, lower blood lipids, lungs, detoxification, beauty, eyesight, has a role in adjuvant constipation and diabetes, low-calorie, high-fiber dragon fruit is also the most people who want to lose weightIdeal food to prevent the spread of “urban wealth disease”.

But the lower is the relatively high sugar content of this fruit.