Sorrow – not living well for yourself

Nov 25, 2019 新闻

Sorrow – not living well for yourself

Sorrow: I have not lived a good life for myself.

In 1936, the fate of actor Glovani was suddenly rewritten because he looked like Stalin and was chosen by the film “Great Dawn” to become the leader of Stalin.

  After makeup, after the facelift, Glovani looked like Stalin.

After the filming is completed, the Kremlin will soon be available for review by Stalin himself.

After the screening, Stalin did not express his position, and was not silent. For a long time, Stalin said to himself: “I did not expect that I was so charming when I was young.

good very good.

From that moment on, Glovani became the “red star” of the whole Soviet Union. His artistic career became dazzling with the “Stalin”.

In 1946, Glovani was summoned by Stalin for his “Oath”, and Stalin greatly appreciated Glovani’s performance.

It is said that this film has a history of forgery, fictionalized the death of Lenin, and Stalin accepted the false history of the dying prescription.

  At this time, Glovani has been in full swing. He talked with people in the voice of Stalin in the crew. When people look at Glovani, they look at him as the leader’s standard.

When Stalin asked him to go to his private villa, Glovani wore uniforms worn by Stalin’s military parade, high-waisted leather boots, fur collar coats, and scared the officials and officials who accompanied the tiger.
But Stalin didn’t take it seriously, but he appreciated his costume very much. Stalin looked at Glovani and said, “Now, you counted my research home.

“If Stalin has always had the right, then Glovani will continue to “red”.

However, everything changed after Khrushchev took office.

All of Glovani’s performances were cleared out of the screen, and all the films that had his Stalin lens were cut off.

All this made Glovani unable to adapt, no flowers, no honors. On the contrary, he was waiting for endless loneliness. His life was very miserable in his later years. He asked himself over and over again: “I just played Stalin.” In 1953, Stalin died.

Glovani, who has been in the flowering year, does not want to end his artistic career, and is even more reluctant to be excluded from the film circle.

He requested that he return to the film industry, his request was approved, and he was incorporated into the film actor’s creative art group.

  But for three years, he did not get any role.

Because the director and the audience have regarded Glovani as “Stalin”, the director is not willing to let him perform, and the actors who cooperate with him feel that he will perform.

  The only chance he got was because the actor temporarily retired for some reason. The crew was unable to find someone temporarily. At the initiative of Glovani, he became a “professor” in the film. However, he was familiar with Stalin’s exit.Georgia accent.

  Since then, he has no role at all, everyone is disappointed with him, he is the “Stalin”, he can only be “Stalin.”

  But Glovani is crazy about acting, and when others rehearse, he sits underneath until he leaves.

Once, when the actors on the stage left, he sneaked onto the stage, and suddenly he burst into tears. He shouted: “I can’t, can’t do nothing!”

Can’t just disappear like this!

Why deprive me of the right to perform?

Why did the movie’s door have to be closed tightly by someone who played Stalin?

why why why?

People heard the news and they saw an old man with a nerve thickness talking to himself.

On December 21, 1956, Glovani died in grief.

Glovani is a great fan of acting, but fate has made a joke with him, let him go to Stalin, and then he regards himself as Stalin, and when he wakes up, everything is irreparable.

  In fact, he should not be addicted to Stalin’s role too deep.

His golden years are alive for the role of Stalin, that is, there is no good living for himself.