Aunt’s role and food source

Nov 27, 2019 新闻

Aunt’s role and food source

Aunt’s role and food source

The heat produced by cockroaches is the most of all nutrients.

Adults do not degrade water, and adults who eat are composed of saturated fatty acids and unsaturated fatty acids, and lipids.

The saturated fatty acid has a high melting point and is solid at room temperature. The unsaturated fatty acid has a high melting point and is liquid at normal temperature. It is classified into monounsaturated, polyunsaturated and polyunsaturated fatty acids.It has become an important raw material for many health foods for the prevention of cardiovascular diseases and the special function of improving intelligence.

Lipids are phospholipids and cholesterol.

  The highest nutrients in the heat, the physiological function of the aunt.

Supply the heat necessary to sustain life; maintain body temperature and store heat.


One of the important components that make up the body cells.

Aunt’s phospholipids, sterols are substances that form new tissues and repair old tissues, regulate metabolism, and are irreplaceable for synthetic hormones.


Rhodium is a solvent for fat-soluble vitamins A, D, E, K, and the like.


Provide essential fatty acids to the body.


Most aromatic substances are fat-soluble, which is good for improving the aroma and taste of foods to enhance appetite.


It can prolong the residence time of food in the digestive tract, which is beneficial to the digestion and absorption of various nutrients.

  Second, cockroaches and health cockroaches are important nutrients and a basic component of food.

Excessive absorption of saturated fatty acids is likely to induce cardiovascular cerebrovascular disease, which can lead to obesity, leading to the induction of hypertension, diabetes and the like.

For people who use vegetable oil as an edible oil, there is generally no slight deficiency.

As long as you add a certain amount of omega-3 unsaturated fatty acids to your supplement, you can prevent hyperlipidemia and Alzheimer’s disease. Adding proper amount of omega-3 unsaturated fatty acids to the diet of infants, children and adolescents can improve IQ and memory.
  Aunt’s food sources – animal meat, internal organs, various nuts and walnuts, almonds, peanuts, sunflower seeds, etc., various beans such as soybeans, red beans, black beans, etc., some food such as corn, sorghum, rice, milletWait.