Deer glutinous dry gum, for women to make up yang

Nov 26, 2019 新闻

Deer glutinous dry gum, for women to make up yang

Deer glutinous dry gum, for women to make up yang

Beauty must be guaranteed by health, leaving health, beauty is the water of Passive.

The beauty of “Lin Yuyu” can only be seen from the stage far away. In the calm, it is necessary to hit the wall everywhere.

  If you go out as you go out, you will faint in the sun, I don’t think few people are willing to go with you.

A healthy and energetic girl is the brightest landscape in the sun to attract the attention of many opposite sexes.

  ■ Medicinal diet is an excellent fitness aid. Many professional women spend the day like this – walk to the bus station in the morning, after driving to the company, they are firmly nailed to the chair all day, and then walk again after eight hours.Bus stop, take a ride home, watch TV, go online, or bubble, then slumber.

People with better economic conditions are more difficult to walk. Every day, cars come and go, the wind can’t be wiped out, and the pampering is excellent. I don’t know how long it will be. The physique will go from bad to worse, and the disease will sweep away.

  In order to strengthen physical fitness, in addition to exercise, scientific diet, medicated diet is also an essential auxiliary.

Advise those sisters who are going to work nine nights, don’t forget to care for your body while working hard.

I have already introduced a lot of medicated diets to you, but I forgot to tell you about the long history of medicated diet. Let’s take a look.

  Medicinal diets originate from traditional diets and Chinese medicine diet cultures. In short, medicated diets are a combination of medicinal herbs and ingredients.

It “medicates for food”, not only uses medicine as food, but also gives food to medicinal use. The medicine borrows food and eats food, helps the medicine, and complements each other, complementing each other; it has high nutritional value and can prevent disease treatment.Illness, health care, and longevity.

The so-called medicated diet was invented because the elderly did not like to take medicine. “The old-aged family book” said: “The sex of the old man is all tired of medicine, and he likes to eat. you don’t hurt his dirty body.

In fact, not only the elderly are tired of medicine, but also adults and children are tired of medicine. This may be the most fundamental reason why medicated diet has always been growing.

  ■ The rubbery hippocampus makes the tree of life healthier and busy for a day. After returning home, I will give myself a healthy diet, and sacrifice the body of the five internal organs while nourishing the body.

When I feel that my body is weak, my resistance and immunity are low, I will cook a pot of rubber and hippocampus to make up for it.

The body is like a big tree, it needs the sun to shine, it needs to be blown by the breeze, it must be loosened, it must catch the insects, it must be watered, and it must be fertilized. This rubber band is the specialty to fertilize the woman’s body, and it is the superior fertilizer.Oh.

  Rubber band 煲 hippocampus material: 100 grams of deer gluten, 50 grams of dried gum, 2 seahorses, half of old hens, salt, MSG.

  Practice: first add the rubber and deer to the 80 ° C water soft, remove and wash; the old hen wash and cut the spare; put the deer, rubber, hippocampus, chicken pieces into the pot together, add water with a fire煲 25 minutes, then turn to slow fire for 3 hours, add salt, MSG seasoning Serve.

  Huajiao is the same as bird’s nest and shark’s fin. It is one of the “Hai Bazhen”.

Huajiao is a fish belly. It is made from a huge squid and a large yellow croaker. Because of its gum quality, it is called Huajiao.

The Chinese eat fish belly, which dates back to the Han Dynasty.

More than 1600 years ago, “Qi Min Yao Shu” has recorded this aspect, it can be said that it has a long history.

In addition, the flower gum is not a famous dish, but also has a considerable nourishing effect and medicinal value.

The gum is rich in protein, gelatin, etc. It has the effect of nourishing yin and solidifying the kidney.

In addition, the gel can help the body quickly eliminate fatigue and promote wound healing.

It is said that some pregnant women in the family will prepare some old-fashioned gums, pregnant 4?
Eat after 5 months, eat more before labor, can help the body quickly recover after delivery.

  Chicken is flat, warm, sweet, into the spleen, stomach, can be warm and qi, tonic and marrow.

Good for five internal organs, tonic deficiency, spleen and stomach, strong bones and muscles, blood circulation, menstruation and vaginal discharge.

The reason why the old hen stew is met by many people is because the old hen has a long growing period and contains more umami substances than the chicken. The stewed soup tastes more mellow, plus a small amount of high content.The stewed soup is more fragrant.

  Hippocampus, also known as the dragon drop, is a precious medicinal material. The folks have the saying of “Northern ginseng, southern hippocampus”. It mainly has the functions of invigorating the kidney and strengthening the yang, relaxing the muscles and collaterals, passing the blood, removing the hemorrhoids and so on.

  Deer tendon temperature, mild taste, slightly salty, into the liver, kidney two classics, have kidney yang, strong bones and bones, for the treatment of excessive strain, rheumatoid joint pain, uterus cold, impotence, nocturnal emission embolism.

  It seems that this rubber band licks the hippocampus and nourishes the yin and tonify the kidneys. It is also a blood-supplying and qi-qi, all of which are closely connected to the roots of the big tree of our body.

Only when the roots are solid and solid, can we have a “tree”, and the crown can be as large as an umbrella, so that the leaves can be green.

Sisters, hurry up and give yourself a steaming, nutritious rubber band.

Also, this soup is especially suitable for drinking in winter, cold in winter, cold as evil, easy to hurt yang, drink this soup just warm Yang Yang!