Muscle training these fitness methods are essential

Dec 30, 2019 桑拿

Muscle training these fitness methods are essential

Muscle training these fitness methods are essential

The 50-minute muscle training method for college students is like this. To be very successful in the college age is also a test of whether you can arrange your time and work properly.

As a matter of course, college students are eager to have a healthy body and a healthy body. However, the school’s schedule is so strict. How can you ensure that one-half of the time is spent in the gym every day?

There is a good way: you don’t actually need to go to a bodybuilding center at all!

In fact, the fewer problems you have when going to the gym, the better, because exercise intensity is not calculated from time to time, but rather the amount of exercise during your training session.

  If you are a poor college student, or you are a very brilliant university student, try this set of 50-minute training programs. This training program takes less time than previous courses, and can guarantee thatYou have high spirits and spirits.

However, the main thing is that this training program is very effective, until you have no experience in bodybuilding, it also works for beginners.

  This fifty-minute training program includes: a ten-minute warm-up exercise.

Beginners must perform this training two to three times a week, with each part of the body exercising only once.

  As your experience grows slowly and silly, you should start group exercises to divide the entire training process into several parts, highlighting the training of certain muscle groups.

Moreover, each part of the body is trained only twice.

  Please adjust your thigh pad so that when you put your legs under this machine pad, although you only have your toes on the ground, the pad will still not hurt your thighs.

  Please unfasten your seat belt, slowly put your heel on the ground, stop for a while, and keep this posture unchanged.

Then, use a dark power to lift the heels off the ground until you can no longer raise your heels on the ground.

So please stay in this state for a few minutes and then go back to the state you were in when you started.

  Grasp a dumbbell in each hand.

Bend your knees slightly and tilt your back slightly forward to shift the center of gravity to the alignment joints.

However, be sure to keep your back straight and not bent.

  Straighten your back, relax your knees, lift your eyes directly in front of you. Keep this position, then lift the dumbbells until you are close to your body. Please slow down as much as possible, but be sure to keep your backReally.

  Shoulder Exercises: Place the seat as far forward as possible so that you don’t need to stretch your neck forward.

If you place the seat far enough back, you can easily and comfortably press the barbell from the back of your head to your shoulders.

  With both palms forward, open your hands to a position wider than your shoulders, gently lift the barbell up, release the safety buckle, and slowly press down the barbell to the position where your ears are still in place. Then, contract your triceps and apply forceLift the barbell up.

  Exercise for back exercise: Adjust the position of the thigh pressure pads, place the pressure pads directly in front of the thighs, cross, hold tightly in front of the chest, raise your head, and look straight ahead.

Keep straight forward and lean forward slightly at the waist until the upper body and lower body are at a right angle of 90 degrees. During the entire exercise, please do not bend your knees, and keep your knees straight.

  Leg press exercise: Step your feet on the plate easily, keep your shoulders wide between your feet, straighten your knees, and push the plate up.

And unfasten the seat belt.

Then slowly relax, let the tablet fall back to its original position, close your knees to your hips, and stop when the knees are at a 90-degree angle.

  During exercise, keep in mind that your feet should work evenly and that neither your heels nor your toes should leave the flat.

  Dark practice: Open your arms and hold the handle of one end of the sports equipment with both hands.

The body slightly forwards the award slash, but the waist should be held upright, the elbows can be slightly bent, and the handle will be pulled down and the hands crossed at the same time.

Note: The position of your elbows must remain the same during this exercise.

Keep in this state for a few minutes, then return to the original state and restart training.

  Back training: Starting from the waist, lean your upper body slightly forward, keep your back straight, raise your head, and look straight ahead.

With your palms inward, spread your hands slightly wider than your shoulders, and grab the barbell.

Slowly straighten your back and lift the weight to the height of your abdomen.

Note: Do not disturb your knees during exercise.

  Hold this position for a few minutes, then slowly grasp the speed and slowly return the barbell to the position you just started.

  Triceps training: Please use E2-barbell, and sit on a vertical that can be extended and lowered, keeping the stool at an angle of forty-five degrees on the ground.

Sitting on the board, someone opened and held the barbell over his head.The two forearms remain perpendicular to the ground, the forearms lean towards the ground, and the elbows are bent.

Slowly press the barbell down to the top of your head.

  Hold this position for a few minutes, then straighten your elbows and lift the barbell back to its original height.

  Barbell movement: Fists upwards with both palms, with your hands apart and shoulder width, grasp the barbell tightly. When you lift the bell up, you can make your elbows close to your body.

When rolling up the barbell, be sure to keep your elbows against your body.

Hold this position for minutes, then.

Slowly return to the original position.