How to choose diet for teenage bodybuilding

Dec 23, 2019 桑拿

How to choose diet for teenage bodybuilding

How to choose diet for teenage bodybuilding

As soon as a girl enters puberty, she hopes to have a fit body.

Therefore, in order to be slim, some of them would abstain from diet, resulting in insufficient calories, lack of protein, developmental metabolism, thin yellow muscles, but lost the youthful brilliance of girls, and seriously damaged their health.

Some people eat high-transient food too much, and even eat supplements and tonics, which results in metabolic disorders, bloated puffiness and no fitness at all.

  The teenage period is an important period of growth and development. The body urgently needs all kinds of nutrients. First of all, it is a contradiction in protein requirements. The diet should be eaten with coarse and fine grains. Milk, dairy products, eggs and meat can be eaten on non-staple food.

  During the growth and development of adolescent girls, the amount of calcium and phosphorus is also high. If they make up for the deficiency, it will affect the growth and development of bones and even the development of the body, which will destroy the beauty of the body.

Therefore, you must eat more foods that contain more phosphorus and calcium, such as milk, eggs, shrimp and soybeans, sesame, spinach, etc., animal liver, rape, celery, etc. contain more iron, you should also eat more to supplement menstrual loss andIron required for hematopoiesis.

  Vitamins are also inedible in teenage years.

Vitamin a can maintain the normal growth and development of the body and make people’s eyes bright.

Vitamin d deficiency can cause mild rickets or osteoporosis.

Vitamin c deficiency is prone to bleeding.

Vitamin b1 helps smooth skin.

These vitamins are mostly found in animal livers, eggs and cod liver oil, spinach, carrots, peppers and other foods, while fresh vegetables and fruits contain vitamin c.

Crow’s bright hair is a symbol of health, and often eat foods with high levels of protein, vitamins, and minerals such as fruits, carrots, sunflower seeds, soybeans, peanuts, sesame, bean sprouts, cod liver oil, etc., so that people keep their hair dark, skin soft, and figureShapely.

  It is very important to strengthen nutrition in adolescence, but it should be appropriate and must not be eaten indiscriminately, otherwise it can cause obesity; otherwise it is insufficient nutrition, insufficient nutrition and weak human body, affecting physical development.

Therefore, a relative balance between nourishment and consumption must be achieved. Persist in physical exercise to promote rehabilitation digestion and absorption so that the whole body gets more nutrition, a strong body, well-balanced bones, and a straight body.