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Note: Don’t carry your hands when walking for the elderly

Note: Don’t carry your hands when walking for the elderly

Walking is a daily fitness routine for many older people.

  Peking University People’s Hospital experts reminded the elderly who like to walk, although the walk seems to be ordinary, but there are many pay attention.

  First, you can walk around without stopping.

If the amount of exercise is too small, and the aerobic metabolism is not achieved, the effect of exercise will not be achieved. It is as if the housework cannot be regarded as exercise.

Healthy elderly people can walk according to the principle of “3, 5, 7”, which is 3,000 meters per day, completed within 30 minutes, 5 times a week, and the heart rate is controlled within (170-age)/minute.

For example, a 65-year-old man with a 170-digit 65, then his heart rate should be maintained at 105 times, but the highest is only 125 times / minute.

When you exercise, you sweat and breathe smoothly, and you get the exercise effect.

  Second, walking with your hands can not fully activate all parts of the body, and it is not conducive to the relaxation of the body, so it can not achieve the best exercise results.

If there is a stone, the road is pitted, and walking back can not quickly balance the body, it is easy to fall.

Therefore, to maintain the correct posture when walking, chest, head up, swing arm, is conducive to body movement and body coordination.

  Third, the choice of walking place should be good.

The body has a high oxygen demand during exercise.

The air is fresh and the lush vegetation is high in oxygen and beneficial to the whole body.

  Fourth, don’t take a walk in the slopes.

Guo Yuan believes that the elderly are prone to senile osteoarthritis, which is also related to improper walking.

Climbing or climbing stairs can cause the knee joint to be overloaded and aggravate joint wear.

Control indoor pollution to ensure health

Control indoor pollution to ensure health

If the home decoration is not well controlled, indoor pollution can have a great impact on health.

  The main problems of the quality of interior decoration are summarized as follows: 1.

Environmental pollution.

Mainly due to improper design or decoration process, improper use of decoration materials.


Improper use of paint or paint.

Mainly manifested as wall leakage brush, cracks, wood and wooden door top leakage coating.


The floor of the floor is uneven and the seams are too wide.


The cracks in the wall tiles are not flat, the joints are too wide, and large areas are displaced.


Water and electrical equipment installation does not meet national safety and energy conservation standards.

  The three constants that should be mastered: 1.

Pre-assessment pre-trial.

The construction plan, decoration materials, safety and energy conservation of the construction side shall be pre-evaluated and pre-examined.

1 Understand whether the construction plan is reasonable.

2 When purchasing decoration and decoration materials, you should carefully read the product quality manual to see if it meets the national standards.

This is an important alternative to controlling indoor pollution and ensuring the quality of the decoration.


Site supervision.

Consumers should also conduct supervision and inspection at different stages of construction, including construction techniques, concealed works and newly added projects.


Site acceptance.

Consumers should inspect and accept the indoor environment and the quality of the decoration project according to the national indoor environmental standards and the decoration engineering control standards (if the conditions permit, the national professional organization can conduct on-site inspection and acceptance), and solve the problem and solve the problem in time.

Simple weight loss to see six diet points

Simple weight loss to see six diet points

The sisters who lose weight pay attention to it. Compared with diet pills, a reasonable diet can reduce the stomach quickly and healthily.

Take a look at the six points of the diet below!


hzh {display: none; }  少食多餐很重要  规律吃三餐,尤其不能跳过早餐。Eating breakfast is a good way to increase your basal metabolic rate.

Tolerating starvation and hunger is not good for you, it is not good for weight loss. If you eat irregularly, it will easily cause excessive consumption of the next meal.

  It is best to have 4-6 hours between meals, and do not eat for 2-3 hours before going to bed.

Even if you take a small amount of meals to lose weight, you should reinstall it at a fixed time to place and eat snacks.

  It is often better to eat similar foods and more fat foods.

“It is easy to eat similar foods, but it is easy to get fat.” Zhao Sizi pointed out that changing food can digest digestive enzymes in the body, stimulate cell metabolism, and eat food that is rarely eaten once or twice a week to avoid nutrient enrichment.

There should be three sets of breakfast for breakfast. At noon, choose different meats in the evening, and eat as many vegetables as possible.

  Eating while watching TV is not good at the top of the table.

Don’t eat while watching TV or even work, this will cause indigestion, and people will not eat too much.

Remember, don’t eat and vent your emotions.

  Don’t eat too much and be careful to “eat” traps.

Especially when eating a buffet, if you take it in order to eat enough, it will often make your stomach grow bigger and your food intake will increase.

It is inevitable that I will not have enough to eat at the beginning of the study, but after a while, my appetite will naturally shrink.

If you are full, you should eat well and eat well.

  Eat vegetables first.

Fiber can increase satiety and help digestion.

Potassium is beneficial to water metabolism and helps to relieve edema.

eat slowly.

From the beginning of eating to the brain full of food, the signal needs to be reduced, and it will only eat too much.

It is best to chew 20-30 times a bit, taste the food carefully, enjoy it, and reduce the chance of eating snacks.

  Do not drink plenty of water with soup.

Drinking water can help metabolism and detoxification, and reduce appetite. Zhao Sizi suggested that it is a good time to drink water at 5-7 in the morning and 3-5 in the afternoon until half an hour before dinner, but it is not advisable to drink plenty of water during dinner to avoid affecting digestion.

People who are used to drinking soup instead of water should pay attention to the excessive intake of salt (sodium), which will cause edema.

  If you want to avoid the trap of losing weight diet, you should pay attention: be careful to eat only “××× weight loss method”.

For example, eating only apples in a few days, only drinking yogurt to lose weight, not only will cause malnutrition, and the most easily obese muscle weight, fat is back.

Foods that promote water metabolism may reduce edema and reduce constipation discomfort, but the body will not decrease.

  Do not eat diabetes or oil at all, destroy the nutritionally balanced weight loss method, the weight will decline in a short time, but prone to complications, such as eating only meat, adverse kidney function, will be thirsty, flatulence, back pain, loss of calcium, etc., difficultcontinued.

Simply lose weight, please remember the above six dietary points!

Street dance – popular fitness

Street dance – popular fitness

As one of the important elements of hip-hop, the street dance in the winter of 2003 set off a fiery whirlwind in the Chinese mainland.

This hot stream has made people who love street dance have their hearts and passed through the first national street dance TV competition in the country. This has always been a noisy behavior in the eyes of outsiders, and it is also a popular fitness in the standardization.The way is recognized.

  The Chinese new generation who spread street dance has once attracted the attention of their people with their weird size, colorful long hair and necklaces and quirky accessories. They once performed pure pop street dance.

In recent years, due to at least the most basic skillful movements and the most effective characteristics of joint activities, popular hip-hop has been pushed to the participants in the range of 10 to 40 years old, and gradually evolved into fitness.Street dance, which occupies an increasingly wide market and is likely to become the mainstream of street dance.

And more professional street dancers and quasi-professional street dancers who are committed to the development of street dance, while spare no effort to combine their thoughts and thoughts with traditional Chinese entertainment culture and health culture, while at the stage of art and fitness for all.The large platform enhances the level of Chinese popular street dance and the practical effectiveness of Chinese fitness street dance.

  Zhang Manlei, director of the Rhythmic Gymnastics Department of the National Sports General Administration Gymnastics Management Center, has been busy for the National Street Dance Competition. He is also busy with street dance. He is also the head of the bodybuilding department of Beijing Jade Bird Fitness Center, Huang Wei, who chose the street dance project.The number of fitness members is constantly increasing. How to make the income of students of different “grades” into his imminent hits in the segmentation class; the hip-hop dancers who shuttle between fitness street dance and pop street dance are steadily announced.At the same time as the champion of the fitness street dance in Beijing, he also played the role of his coach and teacher in various fitness clubs and universities, and of course there are more public activities and commercial activities related to street dance.

But they were busy sneaking and enthusiastically accepting interviews, and expressed their views on the issue of street dance, a popular form of fitness.

The old saying goes, Spring, Autumn and Autumn, what should I do in the autumn?

The dietitian tells you

The old saying goes, “Spring, Autumn and Autumn”, what should I do in the autumn?
The dietitian tells you

The arrival of autumn, listening to a lot of old people often say a word “spring and autumn and autumn”, from the literal point of view, spring will wear more clothes, autumn will wear less clothes, now is the fall time,Are we going to be frozen when we are cold?

Does the spring and autumn freeze really make sense?

Autumn is not the same as the hot summer and the cold winter. Although the autumn is cold in the morning and the evening, when the sun is noisy, people can still wear summer clothes, even a little cold.At the time, our body has a system that regulates its own temperature and can adapt to this environment.

In spite of this, it is very important to maintain health in the fall. In such a moderate season, it is easier to invade some germs or pathogens. For people with weak immunity, it is really not a good thing.

Therefore, the term “autumn freezing” is not suitable for anyone, and is not suitable for middle-aged and elderly people. When feeling hot and cold, the correct way is to add clothes in time.

What should I do in autumn health?

Autumn is not recommended for everyone to do, suggest that the first step in health care is to have the right way to exercise, not to do blindly.

One thing that is good for your health is not doing the same for your unhealthy health. Exercise is the same.

In the morning when the temperature difference is relatively large, this time is different from the summer, and the autumn morning will be cooler.

If you wear less at this time, or if you don’t dry your sweat in time after exercise, the cool breeze blowing on the face will easily cause damage to the body.

Stimulating blood vessels, it is easier for people with high blood pressure to increase the incidence of complications.

For many reasons, it is recommended that everyone exercise at noon or in the afternoon, which is more suitable for people to enjoy outdoor activities.

It is recommended that everyone take care of the second step of health care.

It is not recommended to confuse autumn sorghum. It is recommended that you eat foods that are good for your health. Foods that meet the weather characteristics, such as high fever in autumn, do not prevent you from drinking ginger, soaking water, sputum and soaking water.and many more.

If you lower your cardiovascular disease in the fall, you may want to eat walnuts, deep-sea fish, eggs, milk, soy milk, etc. These are all we can do.

It is recommended that everyone take care of the third step of health and have a good quality of sleep.

In the middle of the autumn, when the elderly are sleeping, they should pay attention to keeping warm. When the weather is cold, add the bedding in time to avoid a lot of discomfort.

For those who are prone to insomnia, you must adjust your mentality, do not let bad emotions affect your daily life, or even your night’s sleep.

At the same time, you can also start from the diet, such as eating longan, milk, eggs, oysters, etc., the right amount of food every day is very helpful for sleep.

Dear friends, will you freeze in the fall?

Are you used to doing some kind of health care?

Share your health experience by leaving a comment in the comments below.

Plant wars virus selection is the key to plants

Plant wars virus selection is the key to plants

Many people like to put some green plants on top.

These green plants can completely beautify the environment and purify the air.

However, the efficacy of different plants is different.

Summer weather is hot, mosquitoes are parasitic, air mobility is high, and work is prone to fatigue. These problems can be solved by a small plant.

Choosing the right plant can kill the bacteria in the air, relieve the bad mood, and prevent disease and prolong life.

What kind of plant is good in the room? 1. The spider orchid has the title of “green purifier” and is our green assistant.

This bacteria believes that the title of the spider orchid is worthy of the name, in addition to beautifying the indoor space, it can also absorb indoor toxic gases, such as: formaldehyde, carbon monoxide, nitrogen peroxide.

These harmful substances are the chief culprits of major diseases such as cancer.

Chlorophytum, like the average plant, carries out photosynthesis.

But the difference is that spider plant can be used for photosynthesis under low light conditions.

This invisibly extends the time of photosynthesis every day and improves the “work efficiency” of the spider plant.

According to experts, the spider plant can absorb 80% of the harmful gases in the room, especially due to the formaldehyde left over from the decoration.

  Put a pot of spider plant in the room in the summer, which can purify the air, detoxify the heat, and effectively eliminate the person’s reset mood.

Related studies have shown that people’s emotions in a green room are much less emotional than those in a green room.

  2, lavender is more familiar with its fragrance, not knowing the antibacterial ability of lavender is also very strong.

Lavender contains linalool, which is effective against 17 kinds of bacteria in the daily life. It can drive out mosquitoes and is a good helper for purifying the air in summer.

Lavender is also of high medicinal value, which can lower blood fat and treat cardiovascular diseases, leading to the protection of nerves.

This is why many aroma masters prefer lavender.

  The bactericidal effect of lavender is worthy of recognition, so this bacteria suggests that you should put a pot of lavender on the table during the summer season when the bacteria are so prosperous, it seems that it can prolong life.

  3, Phalaenopsis Phalaenopsis, looks like a butterfly, it is very beautiful.

The beauty of Phalaenopsis is value. How much do you know about its other functions?

This bacteria tells everyone that Phalaenopsis is always in the middle!

Phalaenopsis likes to grow under high temperature conditions, and summer can be said to be the season when Phalaenopsis blooms.

The shape of Phalaenopsis is beautiful and lovely, and it is a must-have flower for our usual decoration.

Its beauty is better than a lot of flowers and plants, its ability to purify the air is not lost to other flowers.

It can absorb the carbon dioxide and other exhaust gases in the air, and emits the unique aroma of the Phalaenopsis, so as to calm the nerves.

Phalaenopsis is cool and pleasant, and it is not easy to attract mosquitoes. It is a must-have flower for summer rooms.

  What kind of plants are placed indoors? 4, Phnom Penh Tiger Piran Phnom Penh Tiger Piran is also a kind of plant that has a bactericidal function on the air.

Its growth temperature is 20-30 °C, it is more resistant to drought, suitable for breeding in high temperature environment in summer.

Scientists from abroad have found that Phnom Penh Tiger Piran can release negative ions that are beneficial to the human body while performing photosynthesis.

Negative ions in the air can effectively prevent radiation from the computer and television.

Therefore, it is necessary to put a pot of Phnom Penh Tiger Piran near the home appliances such as computers and TVs.

  5, Mr. Mei Lanfang, the master of the Morning Glory Peking Opera, has a special liking for Morning Glory.

The morning glory looks elegant and looks like a small horn, so some places are also called “drums.”

The air contains low concentrations of ammonia, and if the human body ingests these ammonia gases for a long time, it will cause chronic poisoning of ammonia.

After the ammonia gas enters the human body, it will slowly accumulate and begin to attack the human immune system after reaching a certain concentration.

After the immune system is attacked, the body’s immunity will decline. At this time, the virus will have an opportunity to take advantage of various diseases.

  Morning glory can absorb ammonia in the air and secrete bactericidal substances. These bacterins can kill bacteria in the air and purify the air.If the ammonia content in the room exceeds the standard, brown spots will appear on the surface of the petunia petal, then the morning glory is still an “air detector.”

  6, Begonia Begonia and other flowers and plants can absorb carbon dioxide in the air through plant photosynthesis.

However, the most important value of Begonia is that we can monitor the carbon dioxide content in the air.

The consequences of excessive carbon dioxide levels in the room are serious and can cause a series of respiratory diseases.

If the indoor carbon dioxide content exceeds the standard, the leaves of Begonia will appear dark green water-stained spots, and there will be irregular spots between the veins.

  Beautify the environment, purify the air and soothe your mood.

These green plants have brought a lot of help to our daily life.

At home or in the office, put a pot of such green plants, in addition to adding a touch of green to the environment, can also be used as a “monitoring table” for physical health.

Let the plants disinfect our room this summer.

Well-known health expert Mei Mosheng, why not live 60 years old?

Well-known health expert Mei Mosheng, why not live 60 years old?

On June 14th, health expert Mei Mosheng died of intestinal cancer, only 59 years old.

It is understood that Mei Mosheng began to learn Changquan at the age of 14 and practice Taijiquan at the age of 25. He devoted his life to health care and has published many classic articles on health preservation in various newspapers and magazines.

For example, “Tai Chi Health” “Do not sleep when you are a child, have no spirit in one day”, and “White is not as good as one stop” and other health concepts, to teach the public to pay attention to health.

However, he often keeps his health in his mouth, but he died at the age of cancer.

So for a time, the topic of “there is no use in health care” has caused heated discussion on the Internet.

Some people think that “health is really useless, or why?”

“China’s life expectancy has reached 76 years last year.

Mei experts have lived less than the average person for a full 17 years!

This did produce a big news.

However, it is not good to ridicule and ridicule the ridicule and irony.

The reason is very simple. This kind of behavior is very brainless. It can’t be easily scrutinized. To the small, it is to follow the trend, to play, to laugh. To the big one, it is that the mind is not correct and the ghost is born.

In reality, there are too many such examples.

Who stipulates: Can alopecia experts not lose hair?

Cancer experts can’t get cancer?

Orthopedic experts will not break the leg?

A dermatologist will definitely not have athlete’s foot?

Sex experts must be sex experts?

Can’t the Football Association’s top scorer not play?

Stock experts will definitely not sell if they sell.

Health experts must live to 90 years old?

The conclusion is that – you will not say what you will do, you will not do it.

So, what is the relationship between human life and what?

In fact, this issue is not complicated. Think about it roughly in relation to the following four points: First, genetics.

The gene is invisible and intangible, but it is actually present in every individual.

On that day of the year, you just got a “falling ground”, this stuff became a password, written into your body, nailed, no change.

I have visited several centenarians, almost the same external environment, the same living conditions, even the brothers and sisters under the same roof, only the third child lived a hundred years old, the oldest second, the old four old five, seven eightTen years old is gone.

Explain it?

I can’t explain it.

It can only be said that this is a genetic gene.

The villagers said that the third child, “life” should live a hundred years old.

Of course, it is not a life, it is a gene.

This stuff, the aunt gave, one person, only recognized.

Second, personality characteristics.

A person, the character is almost innately determined.

Introverted, extroverted; active, quiet; like communication, not good communication; optimistic, unhappy and unhappy. The so-called one hundred people, all kinds of colors.

The character of the day after tomorrow can be changed, but it is basically fixed and the change is not big.

Good character is: open-minded, optimistic, cheerful, generous.

Greatly, I have no heart.Not really true, do not recognize death.

Even in the past, don’t go through the old books.

A person with good character has a long life.

Third, the way of life.

Everyone lives, eats and drinks Lazar, goes to work, goes shopping, watches movies, listens to music. all life.

Lifestyle is closely related to people’s life.

What is a good lifestyle?

This may be possible!

Is the big fish big or not?

I have seen some light vegetarians living long and live, and I have seen too many people who like to eat braised pork but live a hundred years old.

What is a good lifestyle?

Two standards.

First, allocate as needed.

The human body is a precision instrument that is ten times more precise than precision instruments.

What is needed in the body, it will naturally reveal, and convey information to you, this you have to believe.

What do you want to eat, explaining what your body needs.

Then allocate as needed and eat.

Second, it must not be excessive.

There is no good or bad thing. It is good for someone and not good for another person.

However, even if it is a good thing, it cannot be excessive.

For the body, exercise or health, or have to go with the flow, a little bit, anxious.

It’s not good if everything goes too far.

The extremes must be reversed.

This is a summary of how many generations of experience.

Fourth, the external environment.

The external environment is very related to people’s life.

Guangxi has a Bama, China’s first famous hometown of longevity.

The environment is good, the air is good, the water is good, the food is good, so people live long.

Migrant workers who sell hard work in a dusty environment rarely have longevity.

It’s a miracle to live in such a harsh environment and live to sixty.

The above four items are the four most important factors related to longevity.

Among the four, the one who can take the initiative, the first is the third, the second is the second, and the second is the fourth – the environment is really bad, you can choose to leave, of course, it has to pay the price.

Among the four, the most incompetent, the first, genetic.

That is “the destiny”, there is no way.

It is reported that Mr. Mei Mosheng was a visiting professor at Beijing University of Chinese Medicine before his death. He is also the vice chairman of the International Forum of Traditional Chinese Medicine. He is also the vice president of Tai Chi Chuan and a member of several associations.

Because of his excessive status and frequent busyness, Mr. Mei Mosheng often accepts various entertainments and his diet is very irregular.

In addition, according to friends, Mei Mosheng felt gastrointestinal discomfort at the end of last year, but he insisted on not asking for medical treatment. He believed that he should stay away from serious illnesses.

It was not until the blood in the stool that he was forced to go to the hospital for examination. The result was late cancer.

Frequently busy, socializing, eating irregularly, not trusting doctors, even knowing more health knowledge, it is useless, because your health care method is not correct.

Just like some people exercise, they have muscles and eight abdominal muscles. They look very healthy, but they are burdened with bones and joints because of excessive exercise and improper exercise, resulting in serious internal consumption, resulting in incapacitation of body functions.Repair, and premature aging. Another example is the 90-year-old punk health before the fire, what beer is crowned, and the mask is applied day and night. This kind of “suicide-based health” that keeps alive while killing is impossible to raise “life”.

Scientific health can add a scientific health to life. It must be strictly controlled by diet, work and habits, and adherence to proper exercise and exercise.

If you only know some health knowledge, but there is no practice, then such health will not be effective.

In addition, there are also a lot of fake health education in order to attract eyeballs. This kind of health care is useless. Everyone needs to know how to distinguish.

For example, people with diabetes, if they study health, do not smoke or drink, have a balanced diet, regular work, exercise, and the possibility of complications will be reduced. It is also possible to live to 80 years old.

However, if TA understands health, but smokes and drinks, big fish and big meat, even high sugar, high salt, high fat, or his understanding of health is wrong, originally diabetics can not eat high sugar fruit,But he thought that eating more fruits is good for the body, so TA blood sugar changes and even complications may be much higher, maybe 60 years old can not survive.

Therefore, the right health can add extra points for life, but the wrong health, may give life points, everyone should not blindly maintain health, and do not live while doing death.

Eat food in the stomach and eat Baohe pills

Eat food in the stomach and eat Baohe pills

Zhu Danxi, one of the “Four People of the Jin and Yuan Dynasties”, recorded a famous prescription drug, Baohe Pill, in his book “Danxi Heart Law”. It has been used by the masses of the people.

  Baohe Pill is a traditional Chinese medicine for the treatment of stagnant food, abdominal distension, phlegm and phlegm, and anorexia diarrhea.

There are two reasons why it is called “conservation”: First, because it is mainly composed of a drug, but the effect is peaceful; the second is that it can eliminate the stomach and stomach.

  Baohe Pill consists of Hawthorn, Divine Comedy, Pinellia, Poria, Laizizi, Malt, Chenpi, Forsythia, and the main medicine of Hawthorn in the Fang, to eliminate all food and food accumulation, especially to eliminate the greasy accumulation of meat.

Divine Comedy spleen and spleen, good food, and gluten-free food; Laizizi eats gas, grows in the nourishment of noodles and turbidity; malt spleen appetite and eliminates facial milk, a total of auxiliary drugs.

Can eliminate all kinds of food stagnation, sputum abdomen full of pain, bad food vomiting, phlegm and vomiting acid, stool diarrhea stench, thick and greasy tongue coating, pulse slippery.

Western medicine for chronic gastritis, acute gastroenteritis, dyspepsia and diarrhea can be used.

  The drug is now a clinical non-prescription drug, but also has different dosage forms such as honey pill, water pill, and concentrated pill.

Need to pay attention to: First, the body is not suitable for stagnation, and second, continuous taking for a week, if the symptoms do not improve, go to the hospital for treatment, so as not to delay the disease.

Bathing small action can relieve fatigue

Bathing small action can relieve fatigue

After a busy day, taking a hot bath can help the tired body recover.

If you do a “small action” in the bath, not only can you accelerate the relief of fatigue, but some small body problems will soon get better.


hzh {display: none; }  疲劳时常搓脸  多数人有这种感觉,在疲劳时搓一搓脸,马上就会神清气爽起来。Because the face is distributed with a lot of expression muscles and sensitive nerves, heat can stimulate these nerves, and the face can accelerate the blood flow, while stretching the expression muscles. The speed of the face when taking a bath is once every second, and the face is 3 to 5 times.It will take 3 minutes.

  It should be noted that 40 °C warm water is the most ideal for eliminating fatigue, because the body temperature of the normal arm is 37 ° C, the body temperature is 40 ° C, 40 ° C is the closest to the human body temperature.

If the water temperature is too high, it will consume more calories, which will not only eliminate fatigue, but will feel uncomfortable; if the water temperature is too low, the blood vessels will shrink and it is not easy to eliminate fatigue.

  Indigestion, industrious inhalation, loss of appetite, can be bathed 30 minutes before meals, stimulate the stomach with hot water, after the body is warm, then use hot water to spray water around the chest, rest for 5 minutes per 5 seconds, repeat 5 times;Can you soak in hot water for 20?
30 minutes, while breathing abdominal (inhale from the nose, let the abdomen bulge, and then exhale from the mouth), and then stimulate the abdomen with a little cold water, this hot and cold water stimulation can promote gastric secretion and increase appetite.

And people with too much stomach acid, stomach and duodenal ulcers, soak in hot water 3?
4 minutes, can control the secretion of gastric acid, eliminate and control the disease.

  Constipation 揉 belly bathing can be massaged clockwise in the abdomen with the palm of your hand, while the abdomen breathe a large mouth and take a pressurized breath, can treat chronic constipation and cause hemorrhoids.

For neurological constipation, insert the intestine with hot water at 40 °C for about 3 minutes, then rinse with warm water at 25 °C for 10 seconds, and repeat 5 times to increase the peristalsis of the large intestine.

  Secrets of bathing Experts at the Institute of Environmental Studies at Nagoya University in Japan have found that only the inside of the body is warm and emits a certain amount of sweat, and bathing relieves fatigue.

  Therefore, although spraying saves time, it only causes irritation to the surface of the skin, and the internal organs cannot be converted.

It is best for showers in the morning, so that you can wake up the body, and you can attract work and study during the day, and take a bath in the tub for 1 to 2 hours before going to bed.

Walking VS running to lose weight is almost the same

Walking VS running to lose weight is almost the same

As the weather gets warmer, many people are planning to exercise to lose weight.

Everyone knows the essence of fitness, but many people still have a lot of misunderstandings about fitness.

Here are a few of the most common fitness methods that can help you get out of the wrong zone?

  Can sit-ups eliminate excess meat in my abdomen?

  Sit-ups or “abdominal exercises” enhance the abdominal muscles and make them stronger.

But “abdominal exercises” have no effect on reducing excess meat in the abdomen.

The reason why abdominal adults accumulate in that area is because there are too many calories implanted.

Therefore, the only way to eliminate these excess meat is to burn calories through a balanced exercise and high-intensity workouts such as running, cycling, aerobics or swimming.

  However, there is a trick to make the abdomen look flatter.

Below the abdominal muscles is the transverse abdominis muscle.

The transverse abdominis muscle is also associated with the abdominal muscles, which help keep the waist strong and healthy and compress the abdomen.

Regular exercise of this muscle can help you improve your posture and make your abdomen look easier.

You can tighten the abdomen by inhaling and suck the navel toward the spine.

After the abdomen has contracted, do not hold your breath and keep breathing normally.

When your lower abdomen begins to have a slight burning sensation, it means that your prevention is moderate.

You can use this method to exercise anywhere to eliminate minor abdomen and improve posture.

  Can local muscle exercise lose weight?

  Some people may ask, if I exercise my triceps, can I reduce my embarrassment?

The triceps behind the upper arm are where a certain age of women begins to accumulate a number of aunts that they can’t afford.

However, misunderstandings about how to eliminate this tiny accumulation are very common.

Exercises for specific muscle groups promote reinforcement and strengthen these muscles, but statements about the energy-promoting slight loss of specific parts of the exercise are purely nonsense.

This “local weight loss” theory has been tested on tennis players several times, and researchers have compared the range of their swinging racquets to another.

Although the muscle tissue on both sides does differ, their small amount of extra is the same, which proves that local muscle exercise does not reduce the amount of small amount.

  Is BMI a good way to measure overweight?

  Body mass index is the basis used by many doctors to check whether a patient is overweight.

The body mass index is derived by dividing the body weight by the square of the height.

People think that the body mass index is below 18.

5 is underweight; a healthy body is at 19.

0 to 24.

Between 9; 25.

0 to 29.

9 is overweight; more than 30 is obese.

Therefore, taking a man as an example, the weight is 85 thousand divided by 1.

83 meters × 1.

83 meters, his body mass index is 25.


  In fact, the true level of hypertension should not be determined by the scale, but to determine how much extra foreign body the body contains.

A regular athlete is fortunate to have a higher level of aunt (not more than 12%) and a fairly developed muscle, but the body mass index will make him into an unhealthy group.So it is not entirely correct.

Because women’s muscles are elevated, their body mass index is closer to health than men’s, but you should read the index results with reservations and combine them with light body measurements.