Transferee Interview

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Transferee Interview

Transferee Interview

Interview skills only account for 5% of the interview. What is important is the performance of the work ability.

Every job will affect the next job, so when looking for a job that suits you and your ability, and choose the battlefield that you play, you can transfer to success.

  First, collect the application company’s information in advance. Before applying for a company, you should have some understanding of the company, first collect the basic information of the company, understand how the company is, and its operating status.

When receiving an interview call, what is the surname of the examiner?

What is the title?

Is it a direct interview with the director or personnel director?

Prepare well before the interview.

  Second, the interview arrives half an hour early. The interview must arrive half an hour early, but instead of entering the company half an hour early, you must first go to the company to learn about the local environment and observe the company’s employees wearing a suit or T-shirt, jeans, seeSee if it suits you.

How about observing employees’ work after entering the company?

Is the office quiet or crowded?

Observation in advance helps make the final decision on whether to work for the company.

  Third, do not exaggerate the performance of the previous work in the interview to prepare personal data is ready, let the examiner convince you that you are competent for the job.

However, you can’t overstate your work performance. Most companies like down-to-earth people. Morality and integrity are the first considerations when employing a company. Therefore, job seekers cannot exaggerate their performance in the previous company, misrepresent their positions or pay.Wait, this is easy to take apart.

And once it is disassembled, not only will not get the job, it will even affect the future job search path; because the news of leaders circulates quickly, the company executives will also have contact with each other. If a bad impression is left in a company,It is difficult for leaders to find a job successfully.

  Fourth, the interview focuses on the way of speaking, not the content of the voice. During the interview, the director pays attention to how the job seeker answers the questions, but not the content of the answer.

And the behavior pattern of the job applicant is also the focus of the interview. Therefore, some companies will design situations to observe the behavior pattern of the job applicant. For example, they will apply for a secretary to temporarily leave the interview when designing the interview supervisor. At this time, a call comes in to observe how the job applicant is doing.response.

The job applicant’s performance is to answer the phone, leave a record, and inform the supervisor that someone has called; this good work model is required by the company, so the job applicant was accepted.

  Fifth, do not leave the reasons for leaving the general description of the reasons for leaving before do not be vague, can not use abstract words, there should be a practical statement, said that the previous company’s poor air conditioning caused poor health, etc.Or yourself, tell the truth.

Do n’t just say that when you think of working in an environment like yours, you will be immediately asked if you know how the company ‘s environment is?

When he couldn’t answer, he was embarrassed.

  Sixth, the interviewer should take the initiative to ask questions. Before the interview, the examiner usually asks if there are any problems. 60% of the job applicants have no problems. This will miss the opportunity to learn more about the company and leave a bad impression in the examiner’s mind.Not active enough.

If the examiner is a direct director, you can ask what the job is; if it is a personnel director, you can ask the other company’s organizational status, company culture, and so on.

It is best to make a list of questions you want to ask before the interview, such as the situation of the employees, the turnover rate of employees, whether they will go abroad, and so on.

  7. It is recognized that the company’s overall salary and benefits are better than the monthly salary. When inquiring about salaries, you should ask the company about the significance of the overall salary and benefits, receive a new salary for one year, whether there are dividends and shares, etc., and gradually change the salary into consideration.

The amount of salary should be a measure of how much you expect from the transfer. Everyone agrees differently. Some people think that it is a few hundred dollars higher than the previous job, and some people may have a few thousand dollars higher to meet.

  8. Update your resume at any time. Update your resume from time to time. Do not interview tomorrow. Prepare your resume today. The usual preparation is very important.

The resume should present professional standards and list your growth in the job.

Normally, self-cultivation should be cultivated. Interviewing is just a tipping point, so that the ability cultivated in daily life can be brought into play.

  Nine, understand that you are suitable for work. When looking for a job, it is important to be able to choose a job that you can play. People who follow the rules are not suitable to work in advertising companies.

Find a job that suits you, and your ability must continue to grow so that you will not be eliminated by society.

Every job affects the next job, so determine your own sexuality, understand yourself, and know your limits of ability.

The important thing is to find a job that suits your abilities, not to find a job or to climb higher.